We bring practical AI to the world
We bring practical AI to the worldReturnZero is a pragmatic AI startup

We bring the latest AI technology from the lab to the real world, shaping the future transformed by AI.

Founded In


Total Voice Data Processed

15 million hours+
(approximately 1,712 years)

Total User Count

1 million+

Total Investment Received

(Series B)


Arc (Chamsol Lee)

Bachelor of Computer Science, KAIST
Kakao AD Business Unit
Founder / CEO of Lotiple (Acquired by Kakao)

Homura (Juyoung Jung)

KAIST Computer Science
Kakao KakaoTalk PC Team, Messaging Team
Lotiple CTO / Co-founder
ACM-ICPC World Finals 17th Place

Rene (Hyunjong Lee)

Bachelor of Computer Science/ Master of Electronics, KAIST
Worked in Kakao's KakaoTalk and Kakao Taxi teams
CPO and co-founder of Lotiple
Worked in LG Electronics' New Business Development team

JK (Jeongkyu Roh)

Head of Research
Bachelor and Master of Computer Science, KAIST
IDeCka CTO Research/Development Lead
GoYoung Technology Solution Lead
Sommers, Moses Research/Development

Arthur (Dongwoo Kim)

Head of ML Engineering
Bachelor of Computer Science, Master of ML, KAIST
ReturnZero (Speech-to-text, Speaker Diarization, MLOps)
KakaoBrain (NLP, Vision)
Kakao (iOS, SDK, Data Science)

Dan (Joonwon Lee)

Lead ML Engineer
Bachelor and Master of Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University
SK Telecom Machine Learning Engineer (AD-Tech, RecS)
Kakao Data Scientist (AD-Tech)

Link (Hangil Kim)

Bachelor of Computer Science, KAIST
Master of Education from Seoul National University
National Lifelong Learning Promotion Institute K-MOOC Operation Center

Kay (Hyosin Kim)

Bachelor of IT Management, KAIST
Certified Public Accountant (KICPA)
Continental AG APAC Compliance
CFO at Bank Salad

David (Hojun Yu)

MangoPlate Research and Development
Jitell Global Chief Researcher
Kyung Hee Sports Fanatic CTO
Escore Special Research Officer

Pierce (Sanghong Ahn)

ML Engineer
Ph.D. in Electrical/ Computer Engineering, KAIST
Senior Researcher in the Cloud Network Systems division at Samsung Electronics Network Business

Danny (Hoseok Ryu)

Lead S/W Engineer
KAIST Computer Science Master's Degree
Co-founder & CTO of Mangoplate (Acquired by YEOGI KWAEOP)
Kakao KakaoTalk Server Development Team
Developer at Kakao, Samsung Electronics, and Tmax

Michael (Seungho Choi)

Head of Business
Atlas Labs (Head of Business, secured a voice recognition contract worth 2.5 billion KRW)
Haden Korea (Co-founder)
Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering from Sejong University


Kakao Ventures
Company K Partners
Bass Investment
Woori Venture Partners
Hana Ventures


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2024.04.02 10:01:00

'음성인식 스타트업' 리턴제로, 신한금융 전사적 AICC 구축 지원

2024.04.02 10:01:00

음성인식 AI스타트업 리턴제로가 신한금융그룹 인공지능 컨택센터(AICC) 구축에 자사의 금융모델 STT(음성·텍스트 변환) 솔루션을 공급 및 적용했다고 2일 밝혔다.

2024.04.02 09:09:58

AI 스타트업 ‘리턴제로’, 신한금융그룹에 솔루션 공급

2024.04.02 09:09:58

금융특화 ‘올인원 STT 솔루션’ 신한금융그룹 전사적 구축 지원 AICC는 전 세계적으로 시장 규모가 44조원에 달해 대표적인 미래 먹거리 사업으로 꼽힌다. 특히 고객 응대 업무가 많은 금융업계에서는 업무의 효율성을 극대화하기 위해 전사적으로 AICC를 도입하는 추세다.

2024.01.30 09:35:00

리턴제로, 음성 처리 1500만 시간 돌파… "국내 최고 수준 데이터 보유"

2024.01.30 09:35:00

리턴제로가 자사 음성인식 AI의 누적 음성 처리 시간이 1500만 시간을 돌파했다고 30일 밝혔다. 리턴제로는 2020년 3월 음성인식 AI 베타 서비스를 개시한 지 3년 10개월여 만에 누적 음성 처리 시간 1500만 시간을 돌파했다.


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